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USCIS awards up to 675,000 visas annually. It may seem like a large number, but the number of applicants pales in comparison. It is estimated that the agency receives 4 to 8 million applications annually. Because of the stiff competition and the high stakes involved, applicants are required to collaborate with experts.

Marriage visas are no exception. Although the marriage visa application approval rate is higher than others, applicants stand a better chance of approval when they work with a trusted marriage visa attorney.

Marriage visa attorneys specialize. They can give you the kind of support you won’t find in others.

Risks of filing by yourself

When you don’t have a strong legal background, it is not recommended to apply without the help of a marriage visa attorney. You are more likely to experience irreversible errors due to the following risks:

1. Unverified information

It is easy to search for information about marriage visas, but not all of them are reliable. In fact, many applicants fail because they rely too much on the Internet. They immediately file petitions without checking whether the information they have collected is legitimate or not.

Wrong information can cause a delay or even rejection of your application. If you are not sure, please choose to coordinate with a Los Angeles immigration attorney.

ALG Lawyers are here to guide you every step of the way. We can answer your questions and provide simple explanations for every process you have to go through.

2. Lack of clerical support

Applying for a spouse visa means dealing with multiple documents simultaneously. Why make your life harder and deal with everything at once when an immigration law firm can help you sort things out?

Immigration law firms such as ALG Lawyers provide comprehensive support with clerical matters. And our staff can organize your documents and help you manage the necessary forms.

Having an extra pair of eyes to review your submissions is a huge help. No matter how careful you are, sometimes it is inevitable to skip less obvious but very important details. Please note that when USCIS sees errors in your application, no matter how subtle they are, the agency will reinstate your application.

3. Failure to follow up

The marriage visa application includes several steps. Applicants must track each action and provide a timely response to USCIS when specific notifications are sent. Too often, applicants fail to keep up with their applications.

Immigration law firms such as ALG Lawyer are here to be your guide throughout the entire process. It is our commitment to help you keep track of your submissions. We can even help you connect with agencies for updates.

4. Missing deadlines

USCIS is not soft on deadlines. When a particular submission is missed, your entire application may be delayed or rejected entirely. Apart from incurring additional costs, this may derail your immigration plans.

Signing up on your own is tricky. And you may be juggling work and family affairs at the same time. Sometimes, you need to do the side hustle to make ends meet. Lighten your burden by working with us. Also we can help you to meet deadlines and ensure compliance with immigration requirements.

5. Making bad impressions

Applicants are required to make positive impressions with USCIS, especially during interviews. Although ALG Lawyers does not coach clients on what to say during interviews, we can provide you with the factual and legal foundations that will guide you as you meet with USCIS interviewers.

Outside of the interview, you must also show USCIS that you are a law-abiding immigrant who is eligible for visa approval. We can walk you through the legal and technical requirements that you must fulfill while applying for a marriage visa.


Why a spouse visa lawyer’s help is so critical for marriage visas ?

Hiring a marriage visa attorney is an investment. However, when you partner with the right people, every dollar spent is worth it. We can promise at ALG Lawyers the following and more:

1. Establishing eligibility

Spouse visa attorneys help determine if you are eligible for a sponsorship or marriage visa. ALG Lawyers, we will conduct a comprehensive consultation to determine if you and your partner qualify. We will review the legal requirements and determine if you are not violating any of the current restrictions.

After knowing that you are eligible, we can proceed to planning the best next steps to begin your immigration application.

2. Determining the better marriage-based visa route

The marriage-based visa category is generally divided into two: the spouse visa and the fiancé (e) visa. In addition, both visas can be immigrant or non-immigrant.

Depending on your circumstances, one category may be better than the other. ALG Lawyers will provide you with insights into your best options so that you are fully aware of the potential outcomes. We are also open to answering any of your legal questions. Don’t hesitate to contact our team.

3. Assistance upon entering the United States

When you are applying from outside the United States or are in the country but have gone to your home state for immigration processing, you need to go through specific procedures at the port of entry. If you do not comply with any of the steps, CBP officials may deny you entry to the US border.

ALG attorneys can help you prepare for your entry and provide additional legal services afterward.


4. Getting your spouse employed

Having a spouse visa does not automatically allow you or your spouse to work in the United States. Under US immigration laws, there are certain types of visas that allow immigrant spouses to work within the country. ALG attorneys can guide you through all the necessary procedures. Let our team help you prepare requirements and send them to designated offices.

5. Legal support during litigation

Sometimes, litigation is inevitable. When that happens, choose to partner with a dependable immigration attorney. At ALG Lawyers, we will provide you with first class representation in court. We will do our best to defend your rights and interests and strive to achieve the best results.

When you receive a notice of litigation, don’t ignore it. Many immigrants are deported from the United States because their legal issues are not addressed promptly.

All over legal support

After years of helping couples achieve their dream of life in the United States, ALG Lawyers has become one of the most dependable immigration law firms in the Los Angeles area.

If you and your partner are planning to immigrate to the United States, please know that we are only a phone call away. Tell us your story so we can craft the best solution for your situation.


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